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PNP Seal and Badge

PNP Seal Meaning and Symbolism

Philippine Monkey Eating Eagle The National Bird – symbol of swiftness and ferocity, power, courage and immortality.

PNP Shield - Symbol of protection of all citizens.

Three Stars - Stands for Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao which constitute the Republic's Territorial Integrity over which the PNP must enforce the law and maintain peace and order with professionalism, zeal and dedication in keeping with the highest ideals and traditions of service to God, Country and People.

Eight Sun Rays - Represents the eight (8) provinces whose ideals of courage, gallantry patriotism led to their revolt against Spain.

Lapu – Lapu - Symbolizes the bravery of the Philippine National Police.

Service, Honor, Justice - Service is the vibrant and cogent deeds and actions in response to the needs and wants of the people in distress: Honor could be the overriding criterion and consideration in the performance of their entrusted task or mission: and Justice dispensed to everyone whatever is due to him without favoritism or discrimination of any sort.

Laurel Leaves - Symbolizes the competency, brilliance and honor in the field of endeavor expected from each and every member of the PNP.

Philippine National Police - Identity of Solidarity.

PRO18 Seal Symbolism

CIRCLE - Represents of unity, wholeness and infinity among the two provinces, the Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental

MAP - Represents the map of Negors Island Region
- Inside the map are the significant resources and sights located in Negros Island Region such as:
Kanlaon Volcano - One of the most active volcanoes and it is the highest peak onthe island ass well as of the entire Visayas region located in the northern part of the island

Sugar Cane Plantation - Negros is noted for being the country's prime producer of sugar wherein sugar cane plantations abound in the agricultural areas of the island.

Beach Resorts - Negros is known for its tropical beauty and nicest beach resorts which one can enjoy water activities, white sand beaches and peaceful environment.

Waterfalls - The Negros Oriental's assetsm refreshing for the waters that cascade down the rugged mountainsides into popular swimming calderas.

The Ruins - A historical spot that shows the remains if the mansion built during World War II. It is the largest residential structure ever built in Negros.

LAUREL LEAVES - Symbolizes victory, it is composed of 19 leaves on each steam which represents the 18 components cities and one highly urbanized city such as:
Bacolod City (highly urbanized city), 13 components cities frim Negros Occidental (Bago, Cadiz, Escalante, Himamaylan, Kabankalan, La Carlota, Sagay, San Carlos, Silay, Sipalay, Talisay and Victorias), and 6 component cities from Negros Oriental (Bais, Bayawan, Canlaon, Dumaguete, Guihulngan and Tanjay)

WATERMARK - Serves as the background of the map

PNP SEAL - Symbolizes that the PNP is the backbone of the PRO 18 in performing mandated tasks

GREEN - Symbolizes nature in which the region is abundant in scenery
BLUE - Symbolizes friendliness wherein the one of the cities is well-known as the City of Smile
WHITE - Symbolizes successful beginning as one Negors